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A snuffer with silver sconce on the original 24 " wooden handle, by Edward Farrell London 1825, crested with a stag's head .
Price: £1,850.00
A heavy toast-rack with complex gadrooned borders, London 1825 by Joseph Angell, crested with a demi-eagle, in beak a rose.
Price: £625.00
An Old Sheffield Plate coffee pot, circa 1760, with four pseudo-hallmarks (attributed to Fenton, Creswick and Company or possibly Tudor and Company), crested on both sides with a dove holding an olive branch.
Price: £425.00
A pair of sugar crushers, one Sheffield 1828 by Settle, Gumm and Co — the other probably by John Roberts, Mosley and Settle of Sheffield, both similarly initialled {R}.
Price: £385.00
A navette-shaped snuffer tray with threaded border, by Peter Ann and William Bateman London 1804 (assayed between 30th May and 10th October), engraved {WB to EB}.
Price: £275.00
A napkin clip with needle-point carefully encased in a folding holder fully marked for Sheffield 1908 by Charles William Fletcher with Registration number 520103.
Price: £245.00
An Australian napkin ring with birds and a butterfly maker J.M. Wendt, Adelaide and Broken Hill circa 1890.
Price: £220.00
A China Trade egg-cup, Canton circa 1830 by P, crested with an arm holding a fusil.
Price: £220.00
An egg cup, by T? London 1827.
Price: £195.00
A cased pair of napkin rings by Charles Stewart Harris, London 1889 initialled EDL and JDL in monograms.
Price: £195.00
A pair of French cased napkin rings, engine-turned and inscribed MONSIEUR and MADAME. Maker V over D in a lozenge with sausage between, each engraved on the inside '23 Juin 1887', the original case by F. Ducot, Bordeaux.
Price: £180.00
A pair of heavy napkin rings by C. H. Cheshire, Birmingham 1881, the contemporary case by W.C. Travers,jeweller, silversmith and optician of Southport (retailer).
Price: £165.00
A pair of napkin rings with piercing and engraved decoration by C. Cheshire, Birmingham, 1888 initialled R.
Price: £150.00
A sugar crusher with twisted stem, by Samuel Harwood Sheffield 1895, engraved "Mrs. Dunn from Charlie Stratford" .
Price: £145.00
A pair of Old Sheffield Plate buttershells, circa 1780, crested with a dragon .
Price: £130.00
A Royal Assurance menu-holder by HCF Ltd, London 1919.
Price: £130.00
A pair of napkin-rings engraved with stylised fronds and flowers by Archer, Martin and Marsh, Sheffield 1907, one initialled EWT.
Price: £120.00
An engine-turned napkin ring London, 1873 by William Evans crested with a stork, in beak a sprig.
Price: £75.00
A napkin ring engraved with flowers by Briddon Bros, London 1881.
Price: £75.00
A napkin ring engraved with 2 parallel bands of decoration between 2 rows of dots by Gibson and Langmann, London 1886.
Price: £58.00