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A set of twelve Hanoverian thread-and-drop tableforks, by George Smith London 1773, engraved with the crest of Thomas Osborne, 4th Duke of Leeds (1713-1789).
                                                                                               Two years after the manufacture of these forks The Complete English Peerage said of the Duke of Leeds: 'He is benevolent without ostentation, affable to his inferiors, and strictly regular in the discharge of his debts.'
A set of twelve King's pattern dessert forks, Dublin 1831 by Thomas Farnett, crested with a demi-hound holding the top of a tower.
Price: £1,100.00
A set of six heavy fiddle pattern tableforks, by William Chawner London 1825, crested with a demi-stag out of foliage .
Price: £495.00

A King's pattern Nelson fork of table size, by Edward Hutton London 1886 and crested with an eagle's head and a stag trippant
Price: £450.00
                                                                                               Both these crests were used by the Mckindlay (or McKinley) family

A set of six fiddle thread table forks with three tines, four London 1814 by Eley, Fearn and Chawner, two London 1816 by Eley and Fearn. All are similarly crested with a lamb.
Price: £395.00
A heavy three tined bread or carving fork with leaf and ribbon handle, by Roberts and Belk Sheffield 1886, it is initialled {WMC} and engraved 'November 28th 1861-1886'.
A pair of fiddle, thread and shell tableforks, by Mary Chawner London 1839, crested with a lion passant.
Price: £165.00
A pair of fiddle, thread and shell tableforks by George Adams, London 1874 crested with an arm holding a ring.
Price: £165.00
A pair of Old English table forks, by James Barber and William North, York 1844, initialled {F}.
Price: £155.00
                                                                                                       2 pairs available
A fiddle thread variant table fork with die cast crest, by Robert Gray Glasgow 1833, the die-cast crest is that of a goat rising out of a helmet.
Price: £145.00
A pair of fiddle pattern table forks by James Barber and William North York 1840, initialled {TF}.
Price: £145.00
                                                                                                See 4966z — 3 available in total
A pair of fiddle pattern table forks, by James Barber and William North, York 1841, crested with a hand emerging from a cloud and holding a thistle.
Price: £145.00 

A Coburg pattern dessert fork, London 1828 by William Chawner.
Price: £140.00                                                        

A large mother-of-pearl cased folding fruit fork with silver tines, marked with a lion passant and duty mark for Sheffield circa 1800.
Price: £140.00
A pair of Fiddle pattern dessert forks, by James Barber, George Cattle and William North, York 1834, crested with a demi-lion rampant holding a flag, Azure on which a cross Or.
Price: £120.00
A Military thread-and shell variant tablefork, by Smith and Fearn London 1789, crested with a bird..
Price: £90.00
Of Military interest:: A heavy fiddle, thread and husk tablefork, by William Eaton London 1828, crested for the 17th Lancers.
Price: £85.00
                                                                                                  The 17th Lancers were raised (as the 18th Light Dragoons) by Colonel John Hale who brought news of General Wolfe's death in Quebec back to England (leading to their unusual crest). Having seen service in many theatres of war they were redesignated the 17th Lancers in 1823 and in 1826 Lord Bingham (later 3rd Earl of Lucan) purchased their Lieutenant Colonelcy. He invested heavily in the Regiment and they were sometimes called "Bingham's Dandies". Under Bingham they were part of the Charge of the Light Brigade he commanded. Following several amalgamations they now form part of the Royal Lancers.

                                                                                                    2 similar forks available
A mother-of-pearl handled pickle-fork with engraved tines, Birmingham 1857 by Hilliard and Thomasson.
A fiddle-and-shell table fork, by William Chawner London 1820 crested for M'DONNELL or McDONNELL. The fork is struck with an additional maker's mark (I.W in an oval punch) at the foot of the stem.
Price: £85.00
A pair of ivory-handled pickle forks with 3 tines unmarked circa 1800.
Price: £80.00
A fiddle pattern picklefork, by Thomas Farley Dublin 1824 retailed by Law, initialled {RD}.
Price: £75.00
A Military thread-and shell variant dessert fork, by Eley and Fearn London 1819, crested with a bird..
Price: £75.00
An Old English pattern dessertfork, by Thomas Barker London 1809 engraved with a Duke's coronet, the initial {A} with a Baron's coronet and an initial {S} for John Murray, 4th Duke of Atholl and the initials {GMM} .
Price:                                                                                    John Murray (1755-1830) succeeded his father and became 4th Duke of Atholl in 1774. In 1805 he also inherited a further peerage from his mother and became 9th Baron Strange (in addition to his other titles). The initials GMM could relate to Atholl's office in Freemasonry - Grand Master Mason (a position he held between 1791 and 1812) or to another member of the extended Murray family.                                                                                                     
A fiddle pattern table fork by James Barber and William North York 1840, initialled {TF}.
Price: £70.00
                                                                                                     See 4967z — 3 available in total
A fiddle pattern dessert fork, by James Barber George Cattle and William North, York 1834, crested with a demi-lion rampant holding a flag, azure, on which a cross Or.
Price: £60.00
                                                                                                      2 individual forks available (NOTE: including 5100, there are 4 forks in total)
A feather-edge table fork, by Thomas Barker London 1809.
Price: £55.00
                                                                                                       2 forks available
An Old English dessert fork, Exeter 1840 by W. R. Sobey crested with a bird.
Price: £55.00
A mother-of-pearl handled picklefork Birmingham, 1846 by Yapp and Woodward.
Price: £45.00
A single pickle-fork with mother-of-pearl handle by George Unite, Birmingham, circa 1840 (maker's mark only).
Price: £38.00
A mother-of-pearl handled picklefork, Birmingham 1832 by TB, perhaps for Thomas Bartleet Junior.
Price: £35.00
A picklefork of unknown pattern Birmingham, c.1850 by James Collins.
Price: £32.00
A small fiddle, thread and shell fork by the Lias Brothers, London 1870 engraved LMF to WJL.
Price: £35.00
An ivory-handled picklefork, Birmingham circa 1810 by Joseph Taylor (maker's mark only).
Price: £30.00